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About Corporate Ink

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PR needs to drive pipeline. And anyone that tells you differently is missing revenue opportunities.

We are Corporate Ink – an integrated B2B tech PR and content marketing agency in Boston. We build brands. We create demand. And we accelerate growth. Here’s what sets us apart:

We’re all about growth

For our clients and our people. Our focus is growing your business – not billing hours and delivering tactical results. Everything we deliver connects back to your most strategic objectives. Our entire team plays an essential role in making this happen. We invest accordingly.

We go beyond PR

Generating awareness for the sake of awareness is never the goal. We bring an unrivaled understanding of your buyers and how to reach and influence them – and use the full arsenal of marketing strategies to drive the demand and urgency you need to grow. What we did yesterday isn’t enough for tomorrow. That’s why we keep raising the bar, on what we do and how we think.

We put our people first

When talented and empowered people like where they work, they make smarter decisions and go above and beyond. For you, that means deep and honest relationships with your team, top performance and ultimately, better results.

Accountability & performance rule

You can trust us to get the job done – and admit if we fall short. We don’t play games. We want to be held accountable to the same metrics and KPIs that you are measured on internally, and expect to form trusting partnerships that allow for open, honest conversations. We take the same approach with our staff. We hire talented people, empower them to perform and hold everyone accountable.

We’re genuine and authentic

We don’t mean to brag, but we think you’ll really like us. We’ve built a reputation for being a team of easy-going, smart professionals who don’t take themselves too seriously. We like to collaborate, get the job done and have fun. And we always provide honest and informed counsel – no matter the situation.


Widespread awareness.
Fast growth.
High-value acquisitions.


Our experience spans emerging and established B2B tech markets. We have partnered with early-stage startups, Fortune 100 companies and everyone in between.

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Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Digital Tech PR


Supply Chain PR and Marketing


Robotics and Manufacturing Tech PR


Tech PR for Data | Analytics | Business Intelligence Solutions


Procurement Tech PR and Marketing


Risk Management PR and Marketing


Greg Hakim, President and CEO

Corporate Ink’s fearless leader. From New Jersey, now a Bostonian. Father and husband. Bourbon admirer. Lover of all things Star Wars. Passionate about building a people-first workplace that makes a real impact.

Abigail Holmes, Account Director

Abbie H_2
Avid snowboarder. Vegan (chickpea burgers and fries, anyone?). Prosecco lover. Workaholic - most likely to be found still signed on at 10pm. Shopping addict. Related to Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross.

Tori Vichroski, Account Director

Residing in the Bahamas by way of Boston. Foodie Instagramer. Rescue-dog mom. Media relations junkie. Lover of dark, twisted books and movies – don’t judge. Geeks out on moving tech trends in the market.

Chrissy Azevedo, Account Director

Serious Sox lover. Fan of puppies, rock ‘n’ roll and all things superhero. Most likely at the gym, beach, or seeking adventure with my fierce four-pound dog and husband. Hibernates for the winter to reemerge come summer.

Emma Nadeau, Senior Content Specialist

Beach, wine and reality TV enthusiast. Curator of content. The queen of 3,000-word whitepapers. Always on the hunt for recipes, but chicken parm is her staple.

Brian Hunter, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

BH Photo
Self-proclaimed analytics nerd. Digital Wizard. Avid gamer, soccer player (beer leagues only). Triple citizen; Mexico, U.S., England. Currently resides in New Hampshire. Die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan. South Park junkie.

Maeve Walsh, Senior Account Executive

Maeve W
Lover of long walks by the water. Avid TikTok recipe follower. Media relations and storyteller junkie. Speed reader...but seriously, 700 words per minute with a good book.

Elle Lynott,
Account Executive

DC born, Boston newbie. Believes in the power of creating human connection in a corporate world. Avid Villanova basketball fan, shameless Bachelor addict. Constantly curating the next best Spotify running playlist.

Gaby Madigan, Account Executive

Retired Irish step dancer. Social media lover. Dunkin Donuts obsessed. Wine and Bravo fanatic. Mom to French Bulldog, Hank. If you’re not talking the Patriots, I don’t want to talk. Grateful for Corporate Ink’s amazing company culture.

Abbey Fletcher, Assistant Account Executive

Abbey F_2