Generative AI, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence PR

B2B and Emerging Tech


We build AI market leaders.


Corporate Ink partners with ambitious tech companies to disrupt and create new markets. We specialize in digital and AI-powered technologies that enable organizations to expand the boundaries of what’s possible, create remarkable value and solve real-world problems.

Our clients are at the forefront of leveraging generative AI and smart technologies to tackle major and meaningful B2B issues, including:

  • Predicting and managing workforce volatility and employee retention.
  • Automating factory and warehouse environments with robotics
  • Improving customer experience and human connections with AI.
  • Improving global sustainability outcomes.
  • Making global supply chains more resilient.
  • Analyzing financial and spend data to increase profitability.
  • Digitizing and automating operational processes.

Our team brings proven success to launching companies, disrupting industries, creating new markets and reshaping how the market thinks and buys. We will help you stand out, drive change and shorten the path to success.

B2B Tech and Generative AI Experience

  • David Trachtenberg, Chief Marketing Officer

    Our partnership with Corporate Ink is one of the most valuable and strategic marketing investments we make.

    David Trachtenberg, Chief Marketing Officer
    Viking Cloud