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PR and Marketing for High-Growth Procurement Tech Companies


Drive awareness, urgency and pipeline with procurement leaders.

The procurement and sourcing tech market continues to see a rapid influx of new capital, startups and competition. And for good reason - procurement is accelerating its role as a strategic linchpin, with more executives recognizing the meaningful impact procurement has on profitability, supply chain resilience, innovation and sustainability outcomes.

It’s a good news, bad news situation for tech providers. There’s more demand than ever. But the new-found attention has created an ultra-competitive SaaS technology market, and made it harder than ever to reach and influence procurement, sourcing and supply chain decision makers.

Corporate Ink can help you elevate your brand above the competition so you can stand out and scale faster.

Our team is considered by many tech providers, investors, analysts and media as the top supply chain and procurement public relations and content marketing agency in the U.S. We have over 25 years of experience in the market. We’ve done it all -- sustainable procurement, procure-to-pay, sourcing automation and optimization, procurement and spend analytics, supplier risk and management, B2B payments, autonomous negotiations, AI-powered technologies and more.

We know your market, the influencers and how to resonate with your buyers.

Corporate Ink’s procurement communicators and marketers can help you:

  • Build brand awareness with procurement leaders and SaaS investors.
  • Scale demand and credibility with chief procurement officers. 
  • Simplify complex procurement and sourcing tech narratives so they resonate and drive urgency 
  • Create and lead new markets
  • Accelerate lead generation, pipeline and growth.
  • Connect with key supply chain and procurement analysts, influencers and media.
  • Drive a strategic, high-value exit or funding event.

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Procurement PR and Marketing Experience

  • Jamey Heinze, SVP of Marketing

    I've retained quite a few PR firms over the years, and I can count on a couple of fingers those that have felt like a genuine, value-adding part of my marketing team.  Corporate Ink is one of those.

    Jamey Heinze, SVP of Marketing