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Save money. Reduce risk. Increase transparency. Digitize operations.

If you are a procurement or sourcing provider, it’s likely that these four messages are baked into your sales and marketing pitch. Which makes sense – they are all critical representations of the value you deliver. There’s one problem: Every other procurement provider is saying basically the same thing.

Supply chain and procurement operations are top-of-mind for business leaders. The new-found attention has created an ultra-competitive SaaS technology market, and made it harder than ever to reach and influence procurement and supply chain decision makers.

We’re considered by many analysts, media and tech providers as the top supply chain and procurement PR and marketing firm in the US. We’ve spent more than 25 years in the market, working on everything from procurement analytics and supplier risk to procure-to-pay, sourcing automation and sustainable procurement. Simply put: We know the market, the influencers and the buyers inside and out.

Procurement PR and Marketing Experience

  • Jamey Heinze, SVP of Marketing

    I've retained quite a few PR firms over the years, and I can count on a couple of fingers those that have felt like a genuine, value-adding part of my marketing team.  Corporate Ink is one of those.

    Jamey Heinze, SVP of Marketing