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PR and Marketing for High-Growth Supply Chain Tech Providers


Demand for supply chain technology and expertise is surging. The function has shifted from the backroom to the front page – and now, everyone is paying attention.

Supply chain management is having a moment. Supply chain-related media coverage has increased 124% since 2020. Funding continues to pour into the sector. Competition among tech providers remains fierce.

We can help you stand out and position your brand to capitalize on one of the best markets for supply chain technology ever.

While recent disruptions and shortages have raised the stakes, the supply chain has always been business critical. This isn’t news for you -- and it’s not to us, either. Our team has been enabling supply chain, procurement and logistics technology and service providers to grow, lead and thrive since the beginning.

Our team offers 25-plus years of supply chain public relations and marketing experience. We’ve done it all: supply chain risk, intelligence and visibility, inventory management, source-to-pay, ESG & sustainability, logistics and transportation, factory and warehouse automation, supplier management, generative AI, robotics and more. If your team makes the supply chain better -- we are your PR partner.

The Corporate Ink team can help you:

  • Build brand awareness and visibility with supply chain leaders and investors.
  • Scale demand and credibility with chief supply chain and logistics officers.
  • Establish market and executive thought leadership.
  • Create a compelling narrative that resonates and drives urgency.
  • Differentiate from competitors.
  • Accelerate lead generation, pipeline and growth.
  • Connect with key supply chain and procurement analysts, influencers and media.
  • Drive a strategic, high-value exit or funding event.

Let’s face it: The supply chain is complex. To win and stand out, you need a PR partner that knows the market and can elevate your story.

That’s Corporate Ink. We know the media, the influencers, the trends that drive action -- and most importantly, how to reach, educate and engage your prospects.

Supply Chain PR Experience

  • Jamey Heinze, SVP of Marketing

    I've retained quite a few PR firms over the years, and I can count on a couple of fingers those that have felt like a genuine, value-adding part of my marketing team.  Corporate Ink is one of those.

    Jamey Heinze, SVP of Marketing