One of the world’s top data providers was losing ground — fast — to crowd-sourced upstarts that charged a lot less. It needed to find new revenue, shift to a subscription model, and win over heavy-hitting channel partners.

The company also had an old-school reputation, which needed to shift.

Its targets: The top five enterprise software companies, and their thousands of top-tier re-sellers. This meant winning hearts and minds, before business would flow.

This was a two-tier pitch from the start – and needing to address at least three different sets of needs.

  1. Each partner received a customized campaign – with portfolios of educational content to drive top-of-funnel lead-gen.
  2. Turnkey sales materials and event selling made channel partners’ lives easier – and helped drive the sales that fueled credibility.
  3. A serious blog built thought leadership around Big Data, and supported each partner’s achievements.
  4. Integrated analyst outreach leveraged the A-list partners to re-position the company.

Results dramatically exceeded expectations. Four strategic partnerships are actively underway, and growing. This new two-tier distribution has the potential to transform how the company approaches its business, and its business model.