We became Infoblox’s first PR firm after it acquired Netcordia, our client, and the clear market leader in device management. The new mission was to rise above the core base of network administrators while preserving sales – and reach CIOs for a bigger opportunity. The story had to change.

Infoblox built a thriving business managing IP addresses, but that was a problem CIOs assumed was already solved. So we made a crystal-clear connection to initiatives getting funded, including virtualization, cloud computing, data center consolidation and compliance.

Despite its market-leading position, Infoblox was virtually unknown by the media. Our rapid rollout demonstrated why even the basics can work brilliantly – assuming you start with the right foundation, and execute flawlessly.

Our 4-step program:

  • Get the messages right – and shift from an inward-looking view to a problem-solving platform.
  • Build real relationships with the dozen most influential reporters, bloggers and analysts
  • Create a CIO-centric survey, showing the disconnect between what CIOs want to believe about their network’s preparedness, and where the gaps really are
  • Turn launches into campaigns that tie into critical initiatives, like virtualization, and obvious performance gaps

In just 3 months, we drove 50 pieces of coverage with a single campaign – leveraged by the sales team to support large-scale programs. The company’s new positioning firmly took hold: Infoblox would be the infrastructure foundation for the next round of strategic IT initiatives.