FlightView delivers up-to-the-minute flight and travel information, and is depended on by millions of travelers – and hundreds of airports, airlines, and media companies – to simplify the travel experience.

Originally known as a consulting expert, the company has much larger aspirations: Leverage the real-time data to create packaged solutions – for B2B and B2C markets.

Our multi-tier program is based on interlocking strategies and wins:

  • Consistently fresh media stories, especially around peak travel times, reinforcing FlightView’s convenience and accuracy. The result: a steady stream of high-visibility business coverage.
  • Targeted outreach to get in front of prospects, leveraging customer satisfaction issues to demonstrate how FlightView’s data helps airports and airlines drive business and improve satisfaction.
  • An industry-leading social and mobile profile, creating FlightView’s online presence, and driving more than 700 influential Twitter followers in 100 days.
The Results

Our digital outreach led to more than 500,000 downloads in less than a year, and consistently puts FlightView as a top app in the Apple’s iTunes AppStore – a key goal. New programs are focusing on webinars and up-sell opportunities.

PR also helped close at least one major deal. When a U.S. Air jet made an emergency landing in New York’s Hudson River, we offered up real-time data to the airline’s site. Timing is everything; the sales team was actively pitching this account. ROI: Deal closed.