With a blue-chip Fortune 500 customer base but a dearth of named references, ClickFox had to create its own news and feed an aggressive lead pipeline.

The good news: It solved a real and persistent problem – reducing customer service costs, while improving customer satisfaction. Its data-rich approach made customer analytics a strategic missile for customers, who wouldn’t talk.

So we created our own market momentum, with a survey that reached across the board. We asked: “What caused you to vow never to do business with a company again?”

Our Tipping Point Survey made executives sit up and pay attention: It was service, not price, that counted. Incompetent service agents ranked tops for the biggest breakdown, and longstanding customers could be offended with a single bad interaction. Our market brief captured results – and passionate verbatim anecdotes.

We broke the news ourselves, starting conversations on Twitter and LinkedIn Groups. We created a message with punch, that got under the skin of the influential customer experience blogosphere.


This grassroots campaign drove nearly 400 views and 100 downloads – for a 25% conversion rate and a record traffic spike – in the first afternoon. It set a new company record for site traffic for the month it appeared, and its content drove the company’s Twitter feed over the 1,000-follower threshold.

In total, more than 500 contacts downloaded the survey, with a staggering concentration of VP and director-level targets from Fortune 500 companies.