A publically-traded security vendor was struggling to create urgency and demand. While its solution was effective at doing what it promised – securely transferring files and data, and meeting compliance standards – file transfer, in general, lacked the ‘now’ factor of other security solutions on the market.

The lack of urgency was felt companywide: Inbound leads were down, pipeline engagement was falling and the media always had ‘more timely’ stories to cover. To start, we asked 500-plus corporate employees about their information-sharing practices. Our intent: uncover all the risky and negligent ways today’s workforce handles sensitive data, and show CIOs and CSOs how these practices threaten security and compliance.

We compiled the survey data into an integrated PR and marketing campaign aimed at generating demand, thought leadership and brand visibility. Campaign elements included:

  • Industry survey for thought leadership and proprietary data
  • Downloadable market brief detailing the most compelling data and recommendations
  • Sales emails to drive downloads and nurture prospects
  • News release and aggressive media outreach to build brand and industry visibility
  • Infographic, blog and social content to engage with customers, prospects and influencers

Demand Generation: 125 leads in 24 hours – the most inbound leads ever generated by the company in a single day.
Brand Visibility and Thought Leadership: 10 pieces of on-message media coverage, including feature stories with SC Magazine, CSO, ZDNet, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.
Email Marketing: Triple the average database response rate.