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Security is on every company’s urgent list.
  • How do you stand out when so many products sound alike?
  • Can you create a market around your best-of-breed solution, when companies are begging for a one-stop shop?
  • How do you showcase your market intelligence and your commercial clout, if customers consider speaking on your behalf an unacceptable risk?

That’s where we come in. We help security companies break out in a crowded market. We target all of your most important audiences – buyers, prospects, practitioners and influencers – delivering unusual insight about the issues they care about. The result: Market leaders. Shorter sales cycles. Massive growth. Intense interest from potential acquirers.

Our security public relations team knows how to get the right kind of attention, from the right people. For starters, our rapid response to breaking news lands stories within minutes, because we know who to reach, and how to talk to them. It puts you in front of the market, with a platform that’s much bigger than the solution you’re selling. You become the market’s visionary, and the market follows you.      

iDefense – A Case Study
Building Brand
Building Brand

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